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ABC Shelf Angles

ABC Pro- Series Shelf Angles


ABC pro series Shelf Angle

Treco Steel is the exclusive stockist of the ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angle from Above and Beyond Concepts.

Above and Beyond Concepts has added another bow to its impressive range of products with the introduction of the ABC Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle. The Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle has been engineered for use in the many building systems involving cladding. The dimensions of the shelf angle are:

125mm vertical x 100mm base x 5.0mm thickness

ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angles are 3.0 metres in length and are supplied with seven slotted holes in the vertical leg for fixing. Structurally, the slotted holes in the Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles have been sized and positioned in accordance with the Steel Structures standard.

As usual with any ABC product, the galvanised coating achieves the R3 durability rating. Each ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angle is authenticated by a metal stamping that identifies Above and Beyond Concepts as the manufacturer, states the R3 durability classification and also signifies the compliance with the Masonry Construction standard.

Of course, as with any structural section, the appropriateness of the ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angle for use in any building system and the fastening system (including washers) used to fix the shelf angle must be determined/specified by an engineer or the system/building designer.